Working with other people can be hard. With tardiness, non-accountability, or even just plain laziness, collaboration can be difficult even amongst the most organized and sociable of us. GroupDesk was designed to help those who need just a little more organization in small projects, both personal and curriculum-based, by providing a set of simple but powerful tools. Live, persistent chat rooms and editors provide a level of communication and cooperation normally only possible in person. Task lists and contribution tracking help ensure that everyone is doing their part and that those who aren't fully participating may be contacted via both email and text. For anyone seeking a simple but robust solution to collaboration, look no further than GroupDesk.

Our inspiration

After several bad experiences in school projects, we found that there was a need for a better collaboration. The culmination of these feelings and the wonderful opportunity that is sohacks brought forth GroupDesk. GroupDesk is a online collaboration platform, that intends nourish productivity and teamwork.

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