We spoke with the top community leaders of Facebook. HikeitBaby, was kind enough to share their problems and their data with us. We spoke to most of the community leaders and they all agreed that a bot that could manage traffic to their various community groups would be an amazing sea-change from their current management process.

We used a keyword search based on states, but we also used Facebook's AI based image recognition APIs to do a keyword search via what it recognizes in an image.

We were of course inspired by Facebook's amazing portfolio of APIs on their developer platform!

What it does

User Story:

  1. Welcome to Groupbot I can help you easily find groups for you based on your interests. Please share with me some interests or send me some photos of your interests.

  2. User types in hiking

  3. That’s great! What state do you live in?

  4. User types in CA for California

  5. Groupbot Returns a list of groups in California

  6. The user is now going on a trip they type in TX for Texas

  7. Groupbot Returns a list of groups in Texas

For extra credit, we used caffe2 and ModelZoo for image-based keyword search for determining interest in certain groups.

Built almost completely upon Facebook's Opensource Products!

Our repo:

Our Tech Stack: FB Messenger API Caffe2 (deep learning framework Caffe2 ModelZoo (pre-trained Caffe2 models Flask (Web framework for Python

Challenges we ran into

We had to think of ways to get people together based on strict regulation. The neural network was challenging because it was new for us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're happy that we were able to make a demo with some many of facebook's opensource products!

What I learned

A lot about facebook's APIs and new regulations around accessing user data.

What's next for Groupbot

Community leaders at this hackathon all say that they desperately need this bot to organize access to their vast community groups! We want to bring this to all your community leaders to launch a bot on their page that can manage their group channels in their wide and varied communities.

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