It’s difficult to ask your friends to pay you back after a night out, imagine how much harder it is to split a cost for a trip? With Americans’ declining vacation days per year, we ask ourselves what can make travel more enjoyable and inspiring? GroupAway is built to solve that exact problem, to reconnect you with your friends, and be able to enjoy the travel’s experience in the moment.

What it does

The functions we provide:

  • Centralized and automated ledger that tracks what you owe and what is owed
  • Creates accountability in making sure you stick with your budget and follow through with those exciting yet anxious trips
  • Ensures that the organizers get paid immediately and not have to worry who owes him/her

How I built it

We did some magic in the back of a computer, literally the back of the computer, not even backend. And shit just happens. When you wish hard enough, meta-physics says that the universe will answer your request.

Challenges I ran into

  • Identifying the business plan and distinguish our model from other similar payment transferring system
  • Identify an effective way in solving the pain point of lost or delayed reimbursement to indirectly drive traffic to VR partners
  • Facebook blocking our access to their Messenger API
  • Not having access to the most common payment transfer system’s API (Venmo)
  • Unable to access HomeAway nor Expedia API to create a service that is more applicable to their business model
  • (Patrick, put whatever technical challenges you have)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • To learn on the spot and make Stripe work for our service
  • Design a mock up and identify the business model and potential revenue stream

Built With

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