We wanted to make a safe space for those who wanted to share information about topics they're passionate about and find events and protests easily near them.

This app is able to show protests nearby on a map (with a pin), it allows for new posts in one of 3 categories: News / Blog Post, AMA, or Nearby Event/Protest.

We used Google's framework Flutter to create this app, as it's versatile and runs on iOS and Android. The language used is Dart. We also looked into Firebase, and we implemented Google Maps support.

We ran into a lot of Null Pointers, and random compiler errors. Since Dart and Flutter are relatively new, a lot of changes are being made (such as how we wanted to use a function that was deprecated and therefore not function) Eventually, we did find holes in our code and were able to patch up the glitches, and our final code is stable.

Everyone in our group was relatively new to app dev in general, so we were learning as we went. We're proud that we were able to make an app that not only looks good and is functional, but that we were able to make this in such a short time and with little experience.

We ran out of time to implement a proper comment input page, however, since we did get a post system working with a little bit of more time we could easily implement that. We also want to add in an authentication system and allow for secure user accounts, as well as cloud-based storage. Lastly, another simple feature we wanted to implement but couldn't due to the lack of time was adding an image to a new post (as our UI code is able to display images)

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