At the end of 2016, I created a Facebook group called J2TEAM Community with the goal of creating a community for those who love J2TEAM and Juno_okyo, as well as a place to discuss and ask questions about programming, technology, and security. Two months later, the group had about 5,000 members.

But I began to realize that the group was ineffective, the members were not enthusiastic and most people expected others to share cool stuff, good things to learn but they have nothing to contribute to the group. It would be reluctant to force anyone to write a post to the group, but they even cannot leave a comment or at least press the Like button to support good things they have read from others.

As a developer, I always look forward to the opportunities and challenges to apply my skills in solving practical problems, and this is such an opportunity.


  • Group Ranking: See the list of the most active members of the group.
  • Hashtag Checker: Scan new posts in the group and remind if there is a post don't have a hashtag.
  • Pending Posts: Auto-approve pending posts by hashtag, keyword or user.
  • Giveaway Tool: Organize mini-game and select winner by generating random number or commenter.
  • Event Filter: Check if the user has reacted, commented and shared the post.
  • Remove Unavailable Members: Find and remove all deactivated accounts in your group.
  • Livestream Game: Create an HTML game for live streaming video on Facebook.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After a year of applying technology to group management, J2TEAM Community now has over 122,000 members and is continuing to grow. The group has become one of the most active communities in Vietnam.

group insight


What's next?

We will continue to develop more tools that will make it easier to manage and grow our community.

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