We are leads of the Dev Circles Mexico City community and we manage our online presence via a Facebook group.

We have identified some improvement areas in our experience as group admins and in this event we confirmed that it is a shared issue for many other admins.

We are also people with fresh memories of a huge natural disaster like the September 19 Earthquake in Mexico City and because of this event we have witnessed how an organized and informed society makes a huge difference in difficult and challenging situations.

So we plan to solve our common group admin problems for our community and later share our solution with other community builders so we can make it easy for everyone to mange his community via a Facebook group. And also to improve the experience of all the users of a Facebook group.

What it does

It provides improvements to the group admin experience like a way to onboard new members for a Facebook group via a Messenger Bot, it also provides an access to curated top content from the group archives and finally it provides a way to send notifications about important content and publications to the subscribed members.

How we built it

We built a simple web page that allows the admin of the group to setup a Messenger Bot that will enhance the experience of the users of the groups he manages. This page uses only front end technologies HTML, CSS and JS and connects with a node JS servers that requests content from the group and acts also as the backend for the Messenger bot.

Challenges we ran into

Adapt to the recent changes in the Facebook platform and documentation. Identify, define, balance and prioritize the top features that could provide more value to the users and the admins of a Facebook group.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully identify and balance the features of our product. Determine a way to find top content. Completing a demo of the MVP of our project.

What we learned

That the Facebook groups are a really valuable tool for many communities. That community leaders are amazing persons. Collaboration between community leaders and devs could make great thing happen. That Dev Circles are really big and relevant communities that are making difference in their cities. Many web dev dirty hacks to complete a project in a short amount of time It's hard to ignore a happy hour party happening at the same time of the hackathon :p

What's next for Group Super Powers

Make it easily available for any group admin. Improve the content classification and recommendation.

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