Some people like group studying. Our website allows you to find people doing the same course as you and have free times in their schedule similar to yours. Simply upload your iCalendar file (from ssc, currently only supports UBC/UBCO) and select the course you want to group study for. Our website will analyze your calendar file, figure out when you are free and help find people who are free and do the course at the same time as you.

We were not able to complete the entire project. This happened because we started a different project, but decided to switch mid way after spending quite a bit of time on it. The previous project had a bug that couldn't be fixed even after spending hours trying to debug.

The project is NOT completed. We only managed to finish:

  • Interpreting the .ics file and calculating free times.
  • Automating connection between calculator and database i.e. once you upload your calendar, within 5 seconds you'll have your data analyzed and uploaded to our database. We have an API setup to send every file that needs to be downloaded and analyzed. This API is contacted every few seconds.


  • Find other people who are free at the same time as you and those who are also taking the same course as you.

We can only provide source code and show limited website design:

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