For hearing people, the ability to participate in a conversation comes naturally. However, this task can be very difficult, if not impossible, for deaf and hard of hearing individuals. While some members of the community use interpreters or lip-reading, these services can not be relied on at all times. To combat this problem we developed Group Speak.


Group Speak is run off of a Node.js server powered by Amazon Lightsail. The front-end of the project utilizes javascript and html5 to create while of the back-end of the project uses express and All audio to text conversions were done using Google's Web-Speech-API. One of the major issues faced by the team was the reliability of the LightSail server.

Future Steps

Being heavily involved in both the Deaf and hearing communities, the members of Group Speak will have several opportunities to utilize the platform in their everyday lives. Additionally, Group Speak intends to offer their services to NTID and expand the platform to support other languages besides English.

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