• The main inspiration was the previous winners from batch 3
  • For the design we were inspired by Behance and Dribble works

What it does

  • Portfolio for our team that uses Flask as the server framework that serves html pages
  • It also uses Pysa to check for privacy issues and vulnerabilities of web servers such as SQL injections and XSS attack (for example, if there is code that aims to steal user's private information, Pysa will detect it)

How we built it

  • Flask for backend
  • Pysa for vulnerability checking
  • Python linting on each pr or merge, and if test is not passed then heroku wont' deploy it
  • Scrolling javascipt library
  • Heroku for deployment

Challenges we ran into

  • Unfamiliarity with Pysa but we were able to incorporate it into our project
  • Some of the teamates have not prior experience with HTML

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Communication: gets better and better as we work on the project
  • Everyone is comfortable with Git and Github so we are able to deploy changes fast
  • Setup the CI/CD pipeline so it won't be deployed if the linting checks failed on main branch

What we learned

  • How to set up Pysa and use in Python projects
  • Setup CI/CD
  • How to deploy a flask app to heroku

What's next for Group Portafolio Team 2 - Pod 4.0.3

  • Frontend redesign
  • Deploy project on AWS Instance could be nice
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