Group Photo Sync is a super simple way to distribute photos of a group to each member the group.

Probably you've experienced a time when you were out with a group of friends and someone took a photo of your group. After you finished smiling, another person in the group and asks for the same photo on their phone. With Group Photo Sync, when one person in the group takes a photo, it will automatically be sent to all other members of the group. The photo will appear in the user's gallery as if they had taken it them self.

How it works:

  • Every member of the group starts running Group Photo Sync on their phone.
  • The app uses gps location to figure out who is in your current group.
  • The app lists the names of everyone in your group. This lets you avoid accidentally sending photos to a stranger.
  • When you take a photo, the app will upload the photo behind the scenes.
  • Everyone else in your group will receive the image. Clicking the notification will display the image. The image will appear in the phone's gallery.
  • The app is intended for group photo shoots - to avoid sending out photos accidentally, it times out after 15 minutes. Alternatively you can click "Stop Connecting"

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