Sports and event arenas have the challenge of obtaining Fan information when tickets are purchased as a group. They obtain just one person's information, normally it is the one who is doing the purchasing. As a result, additional customer data cannot be obtained. Not understanding who your customers are and how you can market to them effectively can affect future ticket sales.

What it does

Group of the Game is a web application that allows Fans to easily login via their Facebook account and/or other options. Here they can specify their seating information, play a fast-paced game, and view sponsored Ad content. Why would they do that? By doing so, they have a chance to be displayed live on the jumbo-tron as the "Group of the Game". Other incentives can include discounts, free prizes, and group exposure..

How we built it

We built this utilizing Express.js and Node.js, and utilizing Facebook login API.

Challenges we ran into

The difficulty of this challenge is when we have to account for under age Fans, ones who are 13 years and younger. By law, we can not obtain their information directly. With that said, we can not identify these persons. Those who do register, we can properly export their data and be imported into a CRM and be utilized for highly-targeted marketing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We started with various ideas from creating a Google cardbox that be given out when Fans buy drinks. Embedding sponsored content within the cardbox itself can entice engagement that way. We also thought about creating an app that can capture customer feedback by notifying the facilities about broken utilities. Somehow, we focused on a problem that truly needed to be solved while incorporating some aspects of previous mentioned ideas.

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