As a Facebook user, sometimes I wanted to upload the same post to several groups. When I wanted to hire a new person, it's useful to post a job description for many groups.

But this action was very inconvenient and difficult. First, I had to search for an appropriate group. Even if I found a proper group, group admin might not allow me to join the group. Finally, almost all group member didn't want to see a post that looked like ads uploaded by a newbie.

On the other side, There are some group admins who want to grow up their groups. They usually want to find and upload high-quality contents.

So we made an app that connects group admin who wants high-quality contents and a user who want to upload the same post to several groups

What it does

We connect writer and group admin. The writer who wants to upload the posts to many groups can keep the posts through the chatbot. And group admins who want high-quality contents is able to share archived posts to their groups.

How I built it

The application is built with Node JS and ES6. After writer inputs link of the post, category, and simple comment through the chatbot, those data are stored at Firebase. Those posts are shown to our website as a list. Then, group admin can share the posts in their groups by Facebook sharing.

Challenges I ran into

Since we spent time building a team, we did not have enough time to develop. It was not easy to define the problem and find the solution at Facebook Group for one month. Also, We used Node JS, Firebase, Heroku and so on. Because We were not familiar with those skills, We had to develop those features while studying. We also had difficulty testing the chatbot because we did not have a business registration number.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We almost implemented what we had to do. Our user can upload post easily by the chatbot. It was a good opportunity to learn and use new skills.

What I learned

We learned how to observe users to identify problems and find solutions. Also, We learned how to make chatbot. And we experienced making project using ES 6, Firebase and Node JS.

What's next for Group-Circle

  • Enhance the algorithm of post recommendation with text classification model using facebook's fasttext.
  • Post subscribed content to group automatically using a group circle bot.
  • Notify the writer when a post is shared.
  • Register the writer's reaction in the shared posts through the bot.
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