We are a group of friends studying together, and we all happen to be foodies. So this is a project quite close to our heart, or maybe stomach. To be honest we didn't really think a lot about this topic, after we registered we met online for a brainstorming session, and of course everyone liked the idea related to food, so we went with it.

So, all of us had varying levels of familiarity with Machine Learning and PyTorch as well as knowledge in other fields, and so we divided the tasks among ourselves accordingly. One guy made the website, one guy made the app, the others looked for datasets and models that we could train to make this work. We wanted to be ambitious enough to make out own dataset despite there being Food-101 available online, so we went ahead with that and scraped to the best of our abilities to make a workable dataset. The cleaning of the dataset was quite a gruelling task, followed by the question of which model to use. We tested a few small scale models as we wanted this to be deployable on mobile devices, and in the end got a good enough accuracy with one to go ahead. This was followed by the usual nitpicking in the looks of the website and the application along with the addition of auxiliary features like provision of recipe and list of ingredients.

Finally we made something, that we are proud of, and hope it prevents many food lovers out there from racking their brains during identifying dishes, and use more of their time eating.

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