The four of us are planning to work in the tech sector, but were worried about the lack of availability of jobs, and difficulty of employers to find workers. So we wanted to create a service to address this problem

What it does

Groundup helps freelancers in the tech sector find contract work, while also connecting them with employers who need their help. We also have an option for individuals to seek out mentors to give them career and company advice.

GroundUp allows individuals to sign up as an employee, employer, mentee, and mentor to find other members to collaborate with and learn from. Using the website, employers can search for employees willing to do contract work or mentors willing to teach them.

How we built it

.We created a quick web design with html/html5, and used adobe flash for a mockup of the mobile app.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating all of our features into a single site, and making the mobile app easy to use.

What's next for GroundUp

Releasing a complete version instead of just a prototype, and adding profiles from all over the globe.

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