Groundhog d.AI

(Groundhog Day)

Groundhog d.AI is an Azure-cloud-powered, mobile-un-ready, online only, ReactJS powered movie artificial intelligence.

With Groundhog you can:

  • Predict whether future movies will be box office successes.
  • Test our ground(h0g) breaking model on past movies to see how well we perform.

Tech stack

The front end of Groundhog d.Ai was build using React.js. As the state of the application was not overly complicated, we elected to not use a state management system like Flux or Redux. We used Webpack to bundle both the Express server files and the React client files for the overarching client service.

Both the client service and the API service were deployed on individual Kubernetes clusters, hosted on Google's Cloud Platform, which each had their own NGINX load balancer. These two services each have 3 pods running the service. Microsoft's Azure Cloud is being used for hosting the Machine Learning algorithms used to predict the success of upcoming movies.

To make sure that our application is future-proofed, ES2015 (ES6) code was used throughout with Babel being used to transpile back to ES5 code.

In addition, you may also: (warning, strictly jokes beyond this point)

  • Predict the future, akin to Groundhogs annually on February 2nd
  • Get trapped in a time warp similar to one William Murray in a film named "Groundhog Day"
  • Learn that .ai domains are surprisingly expensive if you don't live in Anguilla
  • We totally saw a Groundhog (or a Mink idk) on the way to dinner on Saturday night and we didn't have a name yet
  • It's 4:15 on a Sunday what am I even writing if you're still reading this I'm so sorry

Made with :heart: at Hack the North 2016. Cha Gheill

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