Its 10pm on the second day of hacking. What do we have in the 'ole idea bucket? Not a damn thing. The ideas we do have? Pretty sucky. Then a spark goes off. A firework! What if there was an app that provided the feedback we all know (and come on, YOU know too) you really deserve?

What it does

Meet grounded. Grounded allows you to type in your fascinating (not) ideas, and the app will give you feedback. Want to start a really rad start-up? Grounded will tell you your true worth. Having too many people lifting you up? Feeling on top of the world? Get grounded. True, honest, real feedback.

How I built it

We designed the UI in Sketch and moved over to Xcode to do all the fun app-making. We also took to pen and paper to craft some really degrading responses.

Challenges I ran into

Do bad ideas count?

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Through thousands of fonts, we found one. Through infinite colors, one was selected. Out of all the bad ideas? We chose this one.

What I learned

We learned that even if you don't make a "game-changing" app, you can still waste hours of your time making a crappy one!

What's next for grounded

We plan to add more feedback responses to make the app even more demeaning, running your ideas further into the ground!

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