During the kick-off call we kept hearing that awareness and information are two of the largest hurdles. We decided to leverage our experience in communication and digital signage to create a project assists in facilitating awareness, information, and deployed with relative ease. We also wanted to incorporate AI and leading technologies as a differentiator. We planned a solution that leverages digital signage, a camera, and a mobile site to help convey information to an existing crowd; shoppers at Estee Lauder. When a person walks by a screen in a store that is displaying Estee content the camera will determine if it is a male, female, and approximate age. For males we will display a piece of content will on screen with an animated doctor, a fact about breast cancer, with a QR code that a person can scan to bring to a mobile site. If a female walks by that is approximately over the age of 35 it will be a more targeted message, such as women over the age of 40 should have a mammogram done on an annual basis. The website is a mobile friendly site that will have ELC branding, statistics, doctor locator, and a blog.

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