The project challenges the hardest problem of current on-chain lending protocols uncollateral lending and aims for its 11 Trillion $ market potential.

What it does

The Ground Finance package enables on-chain "consumer level" credit and bank-level" earning tracker while simultaneously protecting lenders' privacy, ensuring security and dynamic, transparent interest rates.

How we built it

I built the Ground Finance package through one of the most efficient asset-oriented programing language Scrypto.

Challenges we ran into

The package has to rely on a permissioned solution to solve unique identity on-chain, potentially affecting decentralization.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Broad range of functionality to enable dynamic credit types and "consumer-level" credit for borrowers.
  • Automatic credit scoring mechanism.
  • "Bank-level" earning tracker for lenders.
  • Risk-tolerance mechanism and Risk-backed compensation.

What we learned

  • How to build a full-fledged dapp from many blueprints, effective utilization of many cross-blueprint calls.
  • How to build and run tests effectively through Radix Engine for faster debugging.
  • How to effectively use Struct and Enum on Rust.

What's next for Ground Finance

  • Enable multiple stablecoins for Ground Finance

  • Figure a permissionless solution to solve on-chain unique identity, thus creating a truly decentralized lending protocol.

  • Allow multiple choices for lenders to choose which installment credit user they will lend to (Introduce 2 level of lenders like Centrifuge and Goldfinch), thus pushing the dynamic level of the protocol and creating more motivation for borrowers to remain trustworthy.

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