With no initial expectations, we were open to take on some beta hardware. We were too geeked out by the Myo bands to pass them up. So after picking one up and deliberating for a few hours, we decided to pick up some of our Philips Hue bulbs and come back to the Dude for many hours of hacking. After a long first night breaking two phones and hacking together a network for the Hue's Zigbee bridge, we had the initial components of what became GrooveHand.

GrooveHand lets users control their lights and music with arm gestures--adjusting brightness and volume with a twist of the wrist, starting an instant party with some jazz fingers. We created two modes--music and light control that can be toggled with a flick of the wrist. Fan right to skip a song or change up your lighting colors, fan left to rewind or go back. GrooveHand gives users the ability to control their own entertainment with simple hand motions.

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