The fact that the environmental movement has been really gaining track recently and that mainstream grocery stores are guilty of over-packaging a lot of items in plastic that can't be recycled.

What It Does

It allows merchants to register their location and products. It also allows customer to make a grocery list with general terms (like egg, bread, milk, ...) and it will match the items on the lists with merchants. It will propose the merchants nearest to the user first and tell which items of their list are available at those locations as well as highlight the sustainability solution proposed by the merchant.

How I built it

The backend was written in NodeJS and connected to a MongoDB Atlas database. The Android App was written in Android Studio and was able to make request calls to the backend server to keep track of information like produce catalog and market information.

Challenges I ran into

Time constraints and heavy sleep deprivation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finished entire prototype design and deployed fully functioning backend. App is able to successfully communicate with backend as well.

What I learned

Deploying applications and making Android requests.

What's next for GrocMatch

Intergrate the prototype UI in the android app. Offering an itinerary between the different merchants selected promoting public transportation or cycling. The implementation of push notifications where merchants could let frequent customers about ongoing sales.

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