GroceryGuru is an easy to use grocery manager. All you have to do is take a picture of you receipt and GroceryGuru will handle the rest! GroceryGuru can find the items you bought from scanning the receipt. Then the app lets you select which items you want to add to your frige. Once an item is in the frige, the real magic happens! Here, the app will track how long you have had the item, and then tell you when it is going bad based off estimated shelf lives. Over time though, the app learns how quickly you use an item, and it starts to notify you the item is running low based on the average time you take to use up the product. GroceryGuru is also easy to use as a family. Signup with one email and password, and just login on all of your devices. The devices will all stay in sync as you add items to the frige by scanning your receipt. GroceryGuru makes shopping easy, so you can get back to what matters to you the most.

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