Upon arriving at Hack the North, we were filled with lofty visions of creating something truly remarkable. Unfortunately, due to the scarcity of lunches cough cough, we were driven by sheer hunger to create this app.

What it does

GroceryGo takes your shopping list and finds the cheapest place for you to get everything you need, helping you fill your stomach without emptying your wallet.

How we built it

The GroceryGo app was built using Android Studio, and it connects to Firebase's Cloud Firestore database. We used UiPath Studio's built in data scraping to extract data from websites, processed the resulting datatable, and uploaded the results to Firestore via HTTP request. We also set up a scheduler on UiPath Orchestrator to run the process automatically every morning.

Challenges we ran into

We had difficulty obtaining authentication tokens for the UiPath process to upload data to Firestore, but managed in the end using HTTP requests. In addition, we ran into trouble with testing the Android app on our computers, as we couldn't get the emulator to work on some of our laptops.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team members all had experience with different software, from Android Studio to UiPath to Figma. We're proud of having used our separate skillsets to design and build an attractive, functional, multifaceted mobile app.

What we learned

Some of us learned how to use Cloud Firestore, uploading and retrieving data through HTTP requests. Others got more experience with Android Studio, as well as how to design user-friendly interfaces.

What's next for GroceryGo

We want to include location services in our app, by only suggesting supermarkets in the user's area and displaying directions to the suggested supermarket. In addition, we want to expand our database to include many more products, provide more supermarket suggestions, and offer more options to our customers.

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