After viewing the Esri website, we came up with the idea that we wanted to create an application that uses some form of navigation or mapping data. After brainstorming we came to the conclusion we thought was the most viable.

What it does

Grocery store finder is an application that the user inputs their location onto the webpage and it will find the closest grocery store in the area and put a roadmap to that store.

How we built it

The web application was built using Html, Css, and Javascript. We used the Arcgis api to create a map with real time data to show the user the nearest grocery store within their vicinity. All the code was created within Vscode.

Challenges we ran into

This is the first time our team has used Javascript, not knowing the language while creating a complex web application that was in our designs was hard to complete in the time crunch. We also ran into a few issues trying to gather the latest data for our application. We decided to use the New York grocery store data set that we found on the Arcgis website. We also ran into many issues with learning how to use the api and manipulate data within it. During the time crunch we had decided to adapt to a new strategy and create the best application that we possibly can within our skill level.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of taking on such a difficult challenge and still pushed through without giving up, also, we learned how to push commits to Github through Vscode, to properly manage the different versions of code we had.

What we learned

Overall, this project was a huge success for us in terms of learning new skills. We learned how to create a web application using the Arcgis api, as well as, learning to work with javascript and further improving our adaptability, planning, and team work skills.

What's next for Grocery Store Finder

For our web application, we will continue to develop it, adding in new features such as finding the shortest path to the nearest grocery store, determine which grocery store is the safest based on covid-19 hot spots in your local area, along with an overhaul in the UI/UX design to improve our users experience. Overall, these features will allow the website to reach more users and help people find the best grocery stores in their area.

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