Our idea for this project came through personal experiences. We know that during these times our parents have spent countless hours standing in lines, just to be denied access into the store. We checked regularly for times slots, but there were rarely any times available. Our code was aimed to help people know when they could get inside of a store. This lead us to create the Grocery Store Automater (GSA). First, the program opens Google Chrome and goes to the Walmart login. Next, it asks the user how many items they want, and what they want. We previously created an account, and it logins in with the username and password.

How we built it-

To build our code, we first made a plan. We decided on our idea and wrote our Pseudocode. Then we started writing our code. We did each part at a time to make sure our code worked how we wanted it too. Then we tested our code multiple times. Lastly, we discussed any ideas we would want to add to our code to make it better. We also created an email, so our code could log in to Walmart. Once we finished we double-checked our code and made sure everything was running smoothly.

Challenges we ran into.

We also faced some challenges while writing our code. For example, we had to read the documentation a lot. This allowed us to learn more about how selenium works. We also had trouble finding the file path for our code. These problems sometimes stopped our code from running smoothly, but we continued to try and fix the problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the code that we made, as a whole, and how it can be implemented by many people who wish to shop online. There were some struggles along the way that we had to go through in order to finish the project. We are proud of our 'try again' morality and the fact that we had kept troubleshooting in order to fix the problem. We are especially proud that this is that first hackathon that we have entered in, and take much pride in the complexity of our work

What we learned

We learned a lot while making this code. We discovered many new classes and functions that we could use in our code. For example, a function we learned was "send_keys." This function helped the computer "type". This function was very useful in our code. This is also our first hackathon. We learned a lot about how a hackathon works, and the process of it. We learned a lot in this hackathon and we believe our code will help many people.

What's next for Grocery Store Automator

We have some ideas to expand the Grocery Store Automater. We thought about putting some extra security features, to help the user with porch pirates and others who are looking to steal the packages that originally belong to the user. We can also expand the usage of the program, by not only adding the products to cart, but also directly buy them.

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