Make most of your groceries!

Learn smart tips that will change the way you buy, cook & use your favourite food. Listonic will help you make both shopping and cooking easier. It's your handy food advisor, directly on your wrist.

How it works

Just search for any type of food and discover how to make your favourite groceries:

Notable features

  • unique database of over 1000 food tips & hacks (constantly updated)
  • quick search, with indexed list
  • fast & user friendly
  • elegant design matching Listonic apps & website
  • works offline
  • runs on both Galaxy Gear & Galaxy Gear 2
  • (upcoming) integration with Listonic shopping list

Development roadmap:

  • integration with Listonic Shopping list

    • Adding items to list with one click - available by end of July 2014 Feature 1
    • Ticking off bought products directly on your watch - available on September 2014
  • Voice search - available as soon as there is an API to do so

    • Feature 2

Our Mission

We want to enhance the quality of grocery shopping. Change the way you shop by making it more convenient, faster & smarter. Our products help you with everyday shopping as you become more conscious and creative consumer.

Our shopping list is used by people all over the world. Every month there are over 2 000 000 products being added to Listonic grocery lists.

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