Our Inspiration

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic was the main inspiration for our game. As the number of those infected continues to rise day by day, we wanted to help reinforce the importance of maintaining social distancing and taking the necessary safety precautions whenever leaving the house. We believed that we could reach more people and deliver the message in an engaging way by creating a game where the choices you make determine its ending.

What It Does

In “Grocery Run: COVID-19 Edition”, the player embarks on a trip to the grocery store and must make the right decisions in order to minimize their chances of contracting COVID-19. To keep things entertaining, there are several mini-games along the way, from a memory matching game to catching falling apples with a basket. The dreamy, pixelated landscape and thought-provoking questions are sure to keep the player engaged. “Grocery Run: COVID-19 Edition” is suitable for players of all ages, as the games and choices are very straightforward and easy to understand. This was intentional, as it allows our game to reach more people. Although the aim of the game is simple, it effectively communicates our sincere message - it is very important that we all do our part to maintain social distancing measures and take the necessary safety precautions during these uncertain times. By doing so, we can help slow the spread of COVID-19 and life will go back to normal one day.

How We Built It

Our game is coded on Processing, and all of the backgrounds and objects were hand drawn on Piskel. For this game, we decided to try out a new art style - pixels! We spent hours perfecting the art, and we are very satisfied with how it turned out. We also coded several mini games such as a memory matching game and a game that involves catching falling apples with a basket.

Challenges We Ran Into

As this hackathon took place online, our team had to communicate solely through voice calls and messaging platforms. It was harder to discuss ideas and check in on each other since we couldn’t just turn to each other when we needed to ask something.

Additionally, we decided on a pixelated style of art for our game, which required the use of a program called “Piskel” to draw. However, this was the first time for some of the people in our team to use this specific drawing program, so we had to spend some time learning how to navigate and use all of the tools on the website.

We initially split up tasks such as storyboarding, coding, graphics design, etc. But, we realized that one couldn’t start without the other, so we all ended up doing a bit of everything.

Accomplishments That We Are Proud Of

We are very proud that we were able to create the game that we envisioned within the timeframe, and were even able to add more minigames as the night went on. Another major accomplishment is that we were able to draw all of the graphics ourselves, and managed to maintain a consistent art style. Additionally, this was the first time for some of us to try drawing in pixels, which makes it even more rewarding for us to create landscapes for this game.

What We Learned

Drawing all of the backgrounds and objects in a pixelated art style taught us how long it takes to create a landscape of pixels. We spent hours creating each background in order to make it look as visually pleasing as possible. Although it worked out well for us for this game, we have learned to choose an art style that isn’t as time consuming in the future.

What's Next for Grocery Run: COVID-19 Edition

We are planning to share this game with family and friends, to share our heartfelt message. If the time comes, we will perhaps create other editions for this game, such as Time Travel or Zombie Apocalypse, just to name a few. We are very excited and motivated after creating this game!

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