With the pandemic going on, people are often incentivized to stay at home for all sort of reasons, except for grocery shopping. Going out to the grocery store is still the best and cheapest way to get your groceries. This is a problem because we want to limit the amount of people going out into the public as much as possible. Reducing the number of public outings will inhibit the transmission of COVID, due to lower exposure rates.

The past has forced communities to work together and adopt new ‘norms’ to reach a mutual goal; eradicating COVID. Why not make collaborative grocery shopping one of those new ‘norms’? Alternating grocery shopping trips with another family cuts the risk of COVID exposure for both families in half, since each family is required to make at least two times fewer grocery store trips. It also reduces the risk of exposure for people working at grocery stores, because the store would be half as populated if everyone alternated grocery shopping with a friend.

What it does

Our application provides a simple way for users to connect with people in their community and organize their grocery shopping. It also serves as a handy tool for meal planning, with the ability to customize grocery lists and continue to add items throughout the week until the user confirms their order.


  • Users list their location and the store they frequent for groceries
  • Users can browse for friends that are nearby and that frequent the similar stores
  • Users can connect with a partner that is within their location filter, and talk about expectations and delivery.
  • Both parties confirm that they would like to be partners and they are officially partnered on the app. They would then gain access to each other’s grocery lists.
  • Users can log on throughout the week and modify their grocery list.
  • Users finalize their grocery list before the grocery shopping.
  • When making a grocery order, users would have the ability to request same-day grocery delivery, which would by default make their request available to users outside of their network to help ensure there are shoppers available.

How we built it

Grocery Partners is made primarily with Node, Express, React, Cassandra and DataStax-Astra.

Challenges we ran into

  • Implementing a new database took longer than expected. Data-stax had some connectivity issues that need to be worked around.
  • API was missing a lot of data, so it required extra modification.
  • Using React created more work and took longer than expected.
  • Google Cloud Services support was lacking so we had to restructure a large part of the program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Implementing new database
  • Integrating with a complex front-end
  • Creating the largest, most challenging application that anyone on the team has worked on.

What we learned

  • Implementing new database (Data-stax)
  • Using more complex Node functions
  • Collaborating in a virtual setting requires very clear communication and good screen sharing technology to help debug and work through problems

What's next for Grocery Partners

  • Adding Pricing Information for Groceries (which could eventually involve price-matching comparison)
  • Improving Chat Function
  • Adding Money Transfer Option
  • Customizing the Profile Page (allowing users to have more specialized settings)

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