In today's fast paced digital world, familiarity with technology is becoming more and more important in our day to day lives. But what about people, particularly the older generation or people with disabilities, not familiar with using online websites to say order groceries and are unable to physically go to the Grocery store.

What it does

Webify groceries allows you to snap a picture of your handwritten grocery list and we make an amazon cart for you! Just click checkout and you are all done. No more searching through 1000's of items on amazon. We can automatically read your grocery list through optical character recognition using the Tesseract framework and then add the products to your cart using amazon's aws API.

Challenges I ran into

For now because of the time constraint and api authentication issues, we have a few demo images and we are able to parse the text from the image and make our grocery list. Once we have an approval from amazon aws we will be able to make a cart of these items

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