Our team met on Slack, and this our first time working together. We are located in Washington State, Texas, and China.

When deciding on an app to build together, we first looked at what our individual skills were and where we wanted to improve. Zachary had prior experience with web development and Samuel wanted to learn from him, so they focused on front-end development together. Daniel was adept at back-end development with Flask, so he focused on back-end and implemented our authentication system. Deepayan had experience with Azure and wanted to learn more about computer vision, so he implemented our nutrition label OCR solution.

We decided to build a grocery app to help users easily track the nutrition of the foods they buy for two reason. First, it provided a good challenge for us to develop our skills. Second, obesity is a growing problem around the world, and an app like this provides a convenient way to scan nutritional details without the need to manually enter information.

Our biggest challenge was working together when we're located thousands of miles away and in different time zones. Connecting the front-end, back-end, and OCR was difficult. To solve this, we used GitHub to sync our work and used modular design so that each component could be developed independently. For example, Deepayan built his OCR tool as an API which could by an http-endpoint. Daniel used a placeholder for nutritional information before the API, and then used the API once it was ready.

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