Playing our part as computer science students in helping curb the spread of COVID-19, promote social good and health through technology.

What it does

It facilitates the exchange of social favors between those who are seeking help and those willing to help others. Users who need help buying groceries, can specify their shopping list, schedule, and address, and helpers can see who they can help in their community.

How I built it

Based on Google Cloud; more specifically using Firebase hosting, a Firestore database. We used Adobe XD to prototype the UI. We used GitHub to collaborate on code, and we used Visual Studio Code.

Challenges I ran into

We could not get all functionality working while trying to use Google Maps and Address APIs. There is great opportunity for further expansion of the app based on the integrations we can make with other Google Cloud services and APIs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The teamwork, collaborative ideation, and also overcoming the run of the mill issues of collaborative coding on GitHub as a team, and finally, get a handle on Firebase and how to navigate its vast range of possibilities.

What I learned

Time management, source and version control, writing elevator pitches, reading documentation, and picking the most awesome tutorials out of the herd.

What's next for Grocery Friend

We can add many other functions such as culturally niche products, a reward points system and connect Grocery Friend with grocery stores to implement Sales forecasts ML capabilities.

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