Going from living with your family to living by yourself in university can be a huge change. WIth freedom comes responsibility and many may find the challenges of taking on financial responsibility for things such as rent and meals overwhelming. To make grocery shopping less heavy on the wallet for those with strict meal budgets such as university students, we created SmartCart :).

What it does

Leading up to a trip to the grocery store, users can add items to your grocery list on the app. At the grocery store, they can scan items as they place it in their cart or basket to cross it off their shopping list. If they select the store they are shopping at, the app will accumulate the total cost of their groceries based on their current prices with tax at that store. The user may choose to include their total spending budget with the app to easily see if they are exceeding their budget or have money remaining to spend.

How we built it

We used Android Studio with Java to build the app. Firebase authentication allowed us to develop profiles for users easily and store user information securely.

Challenges we ran into

The members in our team all had not worked with android before. Additionally, we had trouble connecting the scanner so that it would reliably recognize different barcodes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our interesting ideation and that we completing the app and how we have learned a lot in the past few days.

What's next for Augmented Workouts

In the future, we hope that we can create different diet profiles that users can select to fit their eating habits. Examples of these could be vegan, bulking diet, or carb-conious. This way, we can better reccomend to users if they should buy certain items.

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