Easy and modern grocery list solution for roommates to share a collaborative list and differentiate between individual and shared groceries for easier shopping and transaction management

What it does

So far, allows users to join room with screen name and adds users to database

How we built it

React.js, HTML/CSS

Challenges we ran into

Database not recognized by program, Node modules not found (compilation error for many hours), no free food :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learned a lot, even though we weren't able to finish project, staying awake and being productive

What we learned

How to use routes, new languages!, React file structure, familiarized with git, databases

What's next for grocery-app

email/password? collaboration on grocery list cart feature where checking off moves items to cart that can be cleared after shopping more than one room per user more than one list per room categories of lists to sort items See you at hackgt8 ;)

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