Inspiration This app is inspired by the everyday life of a college student living with others & sharing financial responsibility.

Though popular bill-splitting apps like Venmo or Splitwise exist, splitting multiple items can be difficult especially when it is not split equally. Handwritten calculations are necessary to track numbers, which can be confusing and result in calculation errors. Due to this possibility, multiple iterations and trials are required to verify the calculations.

Our Solution

With GrocerWe, users can divide non-equally split bills amongst friends in one go using our splitting algorithm without worry of miscalculation.

How we built it

We played around with Django & Apex to provide the backend of the web app. It is built and styled with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and lots of love.

Challenges we ran into

Learning Django framework & Apex for the first time. No sleep. The framework for Django got mysteriously deleted the hour before demo :’)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Never giving up & building detailed & thorough a user experience similar to our prototype.

What's next for GrocerWe

We plan to implement Venmo, Apple Pay, or PayPal payment methods to settle IOUs. We also want to implement a way to scan the receipt through taking a photo. Later, we want to be able to build a backend that can save groups of frequent friends that people pay.

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