Some of our members like to make food, but often can't find the right ingredients. Compiling a shopping list takes too long, and this would provide an easy way to try many new foods, while being cost effective and efficient in terms of saving food as well.

What it does

The java application was made with the purpose of reducing some of the work that we have to do in our everyday life when thinking of what to cook and how to get the raw products to make certain recipes. Our program takes in an input of the URL of some of the most common cooking sites from multiple recipes, scrapes them for the ingredients for each recipe, and combines them all into one large list. It adds ingredient requirements from all the recipes, so instead of buying 3 blocks of 2, 3, and 1 liter milk, the list just contains 6L of milk. This list is easily readable and is made to copy into external text editors (i.e. Word, etc) with our exquisite choice of GUI elements.

How we built it

Our team of four is very diverse over skill levels, so we were effectively able to divide up the workload between people with more coding experience and those with a bit less. One of us worked on the GUI for input and output, another on the web reader, and the other two on the bulk of the processing and program architecture.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the major challenges that we faced included:

  • Multiple users working on the same file with Github leading to many file conflicts
  • Bugs that hid other bugs
  • Inconsistent ingredient formats on recipe websites
  • SOMEBODY stealing the soy sauce

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First off, we all learned something new in our respective field, be it HTML handling or GUI. As pessimistic as it may sound, we're all extremely happy that every part works (nearly) as well as we imagined, and that the entire application runs properly and the individual parts work together.

What we learned

We learned our respective APIs and algorithms, and how to use Git and Github with multiple people working on the same project concurrently.

What's next for GrocerReady

We can see this software, or something similar to it being used in the future where you can select what recipes you'd like to make, and then have it integrated with a grocery delivery service alongside payment service to deliver all the ingredients to make the recipes you want.

Team #41: Ana Han, Michael Shi, Lokeesan Kaneshwaran, Devdigvijay Singh

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