Usually when we have quick runs the grocery store, we have a small number of specific items in mind to buy, for example milk and bread. Many times, other items may slip our mind, until we come we actually come to need them, and at that point running back to the store is pain

What it does

Our product is a grocery chatbot which recommends groceries to you based on your shopping cart, and makes sure you never forget anything useful to buy while you're out shopping. Easy and useful!

How we built it

We used Flask framework

Challenges we ran into

Pivoting the tables was a bit tricky

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully able to categorize the way we wanted to and pivot the tables

What we learned

We learnt that shopping can be a bit messy at times :P

What's next for Groceries&Chill

Add support for facebook group chat, when it becomes available for collaborative shopping suggestions and make the user shopping experience smoother, for tension-free shopping.

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