With the increasing demand for grocery items surpassing the ability of stores to restock, many places simply do not have every grocery you need, and that is why we created GrocerEz. GrocerEz allows you to input your grocery list and see the availability of your desired items at local retail stores and ordering services. “Find your groceries with GrocerEz!” While there are apps that check for delivery slots for one specific website, GrocerEz is unique from these solutions because it is able to check the availability of specific items across multiple stores, making it a more personalized and helpful tool for the user. Everyday we watched the news, we saw that people were not able to get the groceries they needed, and in fact had to go to multiple before finding what they were looking for. This puts people at a much higher risk and that's why we created GrocerEz.

In this project, we used python for the backend, Selenium for web automation, html, css and javascript for the front end, and Flask to connect it all together. The biggest challenge we faced was speeding up the web Automator. At first, our search query took several minutes to run, but by optimizing the code, we were able to speed it up to about 30 seconds. We first tried to implement multithreading to have multiple searches going simultaneously, but this solution provided many bugs and difficulties. We spent hours researching how to make our project run faster and were forced to implement numerous different methods of optimization.

The Corona virus has taken the world by storm and changed our entire lifestyle. GrocerEz aims to provide some support not only in these difficult times, but for the future as well. Remember, find your groceries with GrocerEz!

Steps to Use GrocerEz:

  1. Clone repo
  2. Open repo in PyCharm (Make sure you have Python 3.7 or higher installed)
  3. Run npm install Selenium in PyCharm terminal
  4. Run npm install Flask in PyCharm terminal
  5. Install and run Chrome driver
  6. Open the file and edit chrome driver path to where your chrome driver was downloaded
    driver = webdriver.Chrome(executable_path=r'C:\PATH_TO_CHROME_DRIVER', chrome_options=chrome_options)
  7. Run the file
  8. Open in your browser
  9. Enter your grocery items/zip code and click submit (Based on your internet speed and computing power it will take 30 sec-2 min to finish running)

Created By: @shasta02, @amayzing24, @adarshpkamath

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