The entire world is going through a hard time during this covid pandemic but the segment of society worst affected is the older generation. Prone to highest level of infection, they aren’t able to move out of their homes for stocking regular supplies coupled with lack of reaching out to them by their close ones due to frequent regional lock downs. Hence, our application aims at extending a humanitarian support towards the elderly people helping them order necessities very easily without having prior knowledge or expertise. Besides helping the older generation, our application supports the local vendors and unites them in this critical situation.

What it does

Ø A fully functional multi vendor ecommerce website having a Customer and User interface interacting in Real Time. Ø State of the Art Face Recognition Authentication module for easy access of elderly generation Ø A high end chatbot, embedded with speech to text recognition feature, to place quick orders without navigating throughout the catalogue, making it easy for everyone without any knowledge to flexibly use the application. Ø The chatbot enables users to add or remove quantities on the fly and directly add to cart and process payment. Ø It gives a chance or platform for local vendors to expand their reach, as they are the main focus, as customers are mapped to vendors by geolocation proximity. ØCustomer reviews used to train NLP algorithms in order to refine the product ratings, enhancing the recommendation system incorporated ØAnother add-on is the COVID predictor by using various ML hybrid algorithms, predicting whether the user may have covid-19. ØApart from this it also gives some daily updates of the pandemic situation in the world and in India on a real time basis. ØA genetic algorithm which incorporates the product ratings, price and the minimum distance between customer and vendor via geo location algorithm, to rank different vendors, hence increasing competition and quality.

How we built it

We $TROUBLESHOOTERS$ aim to simplify the process of delivery and ordering system packed in a single application. Mostly the ongoing trend is few prominent sellers are given the chance to sell online. But this application wraps it up all. Made in Django and powered by superior quality design, to intrigue users. The front-end is mainly made on full bootstrap and night owl CDN, providing state of the art UI. We have tried to keep the UI/UX transitions as much smooth and user friendly as possible. We decided to use Django as the core of our application as it is powered by Python. All the work is done on the very latest Django version and Python 3.7.3 . Python enabled us to use all the machine learning and recommendation technology to it's full potential. The Django model gives us a total boost by letting us easily override the BASE USER model. Thus, we developed a multi user framework, one for normal customer and another for sellers. It is a state of the art application, as no other Multi Vendor Grocery Delivery Shop at this hard turmoil the country is facing. The Customer section of the application is bestowed with multiple facilities Firstly each item is categorized under a broad category of the title .If multiple sellers are selling the same product, then the customer is redirected to a new page where all the sellers are displayed selling that particular product.

Challenges we ran into

A few modules like using Watson cloud speech-to-text i.e IBM watson were really complicated and a few installations of libraries was difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a proper face recognition module which on opening the application starts up, as, is the motivation of our project is helping the older population of this world with technology, this module helps them as they do not need to remember their login credentials, just like this we have developed many features that really help the older generation. So, we are really proud, as this application, if it comes into the market, will really make a difference to the world that we live in and will make it an easier place to live for the older people in this world.

What we learned

We learnt a lot in this project not just technical stuff, we learnt so many thing like working in a team etc. Apart from these technically also we learnt many things like using the geo-location and making the seller side of an ecommerce application etc

What's next for Groc4all

GROC4All is an innovative initiative to combat the global pandemic situation the world is suffering from. Designed specially for the elderly people, we wish to incorporate local languages to our product and expand our products to several more local groceries à for better user experience and wider reach out. More NLP based models should be included. Moreover, a diet chart automated delivery algorithm is in the making. It takes in the personal characteristics of an individual, all allergies and like as well as dislikes. Thus it will daily generate the personal diet of the individual and deliver the needful commodities on their doorstep.

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