Over summer, when dining halls were closed and we lived off campus, we realized the struggles of grocery shopping and cooking for one. Frequently, we'd eat the same meals and dishes for days in a row in an attempt to prevent our food from going bad; even then, some food still had to be thrown out. We are in the process of building Gro-Share in order to help mitigate this problem--to save ourselves money, to alleviate the problem of food waste, and to subsequently increase the popularity of cooking among young people.

What it does

It offers a platform for people to post requests about certain groceries they need or items they plan to buy. They can browse and match with other users, after which they are offered a means of communication through our app so that logisitics can be arranged.

How we built it

The app was build in Android Studio in Java. The back-end server operations was built in Python using Flask.

Challenges we ran into

We were unable to send HTTP requests to our server through our app due to threading issues. Our lack of app-building experience was also a barrier.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build an app from the bottom up without any of us having experience before. While we didn't completely finish or refine our project, we felt we made good progress as a base for future work.

What we learned

How to build an Android app, concepts in threading, setting up servers using Flask.

What's next for Gro-Share

Greater development--implementing a "friend" system, a payment system, and a chat system within the app. UI/UX improvements.

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