2nd Place at BattleHack Chicago

A lovingly personalized approach to help your elderly loved ones access technology services that we young'ns take for granted.

Despite the ever increasing convenience of on-demand service applications, older generations are being left out by the inconveniences of newer technology. With grndma.io, friends and family can create a completely customized profile for their elderly loved ones with information ranging from home address to meal preferences. Utilizing this information, grndma.io dynamically generates a phone tree with interactive voice response technology to serve the user’s needs (e.g. transportation, food, laundry, groceries, etc), allowing even land line phones to access the convenience of mobile applications. To abstract the entire process in the backend server, grndma.io uses the Twilio API to handle phone communications and the Braintree API to handle payments such that otherwise inaccessible services can be as easy as the push of a button.

Think speed-dial — but for apps and services.

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