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Purpose of the project :

Before going to the detailed coding part and setup, we want to tell you about the pupose of our project. Due to the pandemic situation the world facing now, every student is on the online learning mode, Right? Now, all we know that students get bored after sometime during the online lectures and feels a bit tired and lazy. Same thing is applied for the long conferences,etc.

So, we are came up with solution of this real problem. This project helps us to be alert and attentive in online conferences, lectures. We can keep this active while attending an important conference, a webinar or anything where we want to focus on screen in order to get most of it. We will build a system using Python, OpenCV, Tensorflow and Keras library.

Challenges faced:

For making the score counter from a value greater than 30 to 0 as soon as the person opens the eyes we find it quite difficult later we sorted it by making some changes.

Prerequisites :

The requirement for this Python project is a webcam through which we will capture images. You need to have Python (3.6 version recommended) installed on your system, then using pip, you can install the necessary packages.


Install OpenCV

pip install opencv-python

Install Tensorflow

pip install tensorflow

Install Keras

pip install keras

Install Pygame

pip install pygame


python in cmd

Working of this Python project is as follows :

1: Take image as input from a camera.

2: Create a Region of Interest (ROI) by detecting the face of the image.

3: Then after that detect the eyes from the image.

4: Feed it to the classifier.

5: Classifier will categorize whether eyes are open or closed.

6: Calculate score.


Suhas Kadu
Viraj Kadlag

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