The inspiration for this website comes from the student organization I am president of at Oakland University, the Grizz Gang. The Grizz Gang is the student section that is at every home basketball game and averages a couple hundred students per game. The organizations hosts events for students such as tailgates and pep rallys. The current website is a basic weebly page and I wanted something better that has the potential to be customized in every aspect. The organization is very near and dear to me so this project means a lot to me as a developer and the president of the Grizz Gang.

What does the website provide?

The website provides information about the Grizz Gang student organization to those who are in search of it. It provides away for them to see what it is and a way for users to contact the organization if need be. Users can get information on our VIP membership, add us on social media, and see the current officers of the organization.

What did you use to build it?

I built the website using Brackets. I used bootstrap for the very first time and used a basic template. I also used HTML and CSS. I incorporated all the information, pictures, and navigation bar text. The website can be accessed using a .com and a .tech web server!

Issues you ran into

I ran into an issue when trying to use my FTP to upload my files to the web server. It took me a while but I eventually fixed the issues. A few bugs in my code caused frustrations along the way also.

What are you proud of?

I'm proud of using bootstrap for the first time. Although i'm a beginner, I can see it being a very useful tool in my web development career and I look forward to using it more. I'm proud of creating a domain and uploading files to it. I'm proud that I built a website in 24 hours even though I am a beginner in web development.

What did you learn?

I learned how to use bootstrap and I expanded on my knowledge of HTML and CSS. I learned how to upload my website to the web using an FTP client.

Do you plan to improve on the website?

I plan to expand on the website in every aspect in the near future. I want to make it more visually appealing and continue to add more information once I get feedback from users. I want to add features like buttons, links, scrolling pictures, and much more. I'm excited for the future of this website.

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