Incoming veterans are not equipped with the proper knowledge and guidance to succeed in the fast paced civilian life. They are expected to go to college, and hopefully the college has resources to guide that veteran to success. Our goal is guide folks to success before they exit the military.

What it does

A step by step guide which guides one to financial independance, a markettable skill, and transition services. As well as a guide for military career success.

How I built it

.net and angular js

Challenges I ran into

Organizing and focusing on the main features to fit into a 5 min presentation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building something from my imagination into something workable

What I learned

Hackathons are addicting and can lead to changing the world.

What's next for GRIT-Guiding you to success in & out of the military

Gain the attention of young Medal of Honor recipients and try to get them to push this project out. MOH recipients have a large social media influence and have the ability to make an impact to a large body of active duty members. We also would love to continue to build this project.

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