Grinnell College's president, Raynard Kington is challenging his students and staff to be better! Not better students, not better academics, or even better workers, but be better at taking care of themselves.

The President’s Wellness Challenge is a 12-week event for students, staff, and faculty. The goal of the challenge is to motivate wellness behaviors in a number of dimensions. President Kington will also be participating in the challenge and publicly posting his progress to help motivate our campus community.

We decided to help aid the cause by creating an app that lets students easily see how they're faring compared to RK, and if they've completed their daily challenge for:

MOVEMENT: At least 30min of non-sedentary activity a day EAT: At least 5 servings of fruits or vegetables SLEEP: At least 8 hours a day RESTORE: Do something to take your mind off of schoolwork, troubles... read a book, listen to music, do yoga... whatever floats your boat

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