Technology made people unsociable in real life, the challenge right now is to use it again to make them more attached and social. Also, there is no unified platform to take care about people's hobbies just as amateurs especially sports in a very clear way regularly.

What it does

It connects people with the same interests whether they are already close or completely strangers to share the same hobbies and activities. It allows you to search and discover people nearby who are enthusiast to same kind of interest as you! It suggests you the best places and the best times according to the satellites data to make the best out of your time. It organizes different kind of challenges and tournaments in various activities using some algorithms to cumulatively calculates everyone's rank.
It helps parents to plan their children free and chilling time in more sophisticated way, keeping them away from technology that may harm their childhood by being in an endless loop of a virtual world!

How we built it

Using: 1- Android studio; by creating the front end app in a very simple way that allows the user to easily find the most perfect environment to refresh their social lives while practicing their favorite hobbies 2- Ruby On Rails; by creating the back end app in a well organized manner that includes the best database design and the optimized requests from the maps, weather and news APIs. 3- ESA API; by getting the location of each and every user then approximately show them the nearest people with the same interests also the perfect places and pitches to use while meeting up and doing the activities.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Griiinta

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