Griffin was created because of the effect Covid-19 had on our communities and neighborhoods. Social distancing was one of the many things implemented during the pandemic. Griffin was created to reunite the community together and have one place to have all the community information circulating. It was also made to easily announce events and ask for help.

What it does

Griffin allows members of a community to discuss current events through blogs and allows neighborhoods to come together and be able to communicate on their daily activities and inform others of different occurrences that are happening. It can keep everyone informed and safe of harsh weather to just fun activities people might wanna share with others! It also helps communities get together considering the recent outbreak, Covid-19. The core of it is a map where you can pin things down to alert someone of something. It also has a blog like the part where people can post things like a missing poster or just a nice post about the weather.

How we built it

We used bootstrap templates as the base to make it so we can jump into the technical code like maps. We used React for the first time and it was a pain. HTML for the main page and JavaScript to complete Griffin. We also used firebase for the login and posts.

Challenges we ran into

Since it was our first time using React, the JavaScript part of the code got a bit confusing for us. A major challenge was that when we tried to get Google maps API in the code since we used React it wasn't easy and there weren't as many sources as you get in HTML. We also couldn’t use the API from Google because they did not have code for React. Some minor challenges we ran into were adding markers to the map, along with the firebase was confusing to navigate within. Other problems we had here and there were a good amount of errors with our code every step of the way and the Java Script because of us forgetting to import something or putting in the wrong parameter. 

Accomplishments that we’re proud of We are proud that we were able to code sufficiently with React and JavaScript, though we are much more used to HTML on its own. We also are proud of being able to finish everything on time and our teamwork overall and how we all came through on our assigned work. We were very happy with the UI and the pages. After we got the map in it looked great.

What we learned

We learned to React for the first time and learned to make components, how to import, how to render and much more. Before we learned to React we learned ES6 so we could code React. We also learned Firebase to use for the website to store and retrieve data.

What’s next for Griffin

What we envision next for Griffin is a fully finished map with more categories and a more robust map that is from google. We also plan on adding a role system where there can be presidents of a neighborhood. We would also like to track more user data such as time in the neighborhood, the

number of posts, and last day active.

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