Inspiration- We were inspired to create this by all of the catastrophic events taking place in the world right at this moment. Homes ruined and lives lost, someone needs to provide an outlet to provide these victims with the help and supplies they need. Often times victims of natural disasters are not properly portrayed and given supplies that might not necessarily be urgent. A group of people affected may need feminine products, medicines, medical attention, or even clean drinking water as opposed to school supplies or books.

What it does - Our website acts as a meeting place for people ready to help and people in need of aid. The website gives live twitter updates run by us in order to give people an insight on the disasters they are helping to make more livable for those residing there. We also have added a form in order for both parties to fill out what they need and can send.

How we built it - We all had no idea how to code going into this hackathon. With a lot of tutorials and hope in our hearts we were able to share files and collaborate on one larger html file. Being as its the only language we were familiar with, we were able to piece together code snippets and incorporate them into our website. Although we had other ideas to use, with our limited knowledge and constant running into errors we were not able to use all the software we would’ve liked to. We also used outside resources such as twitter, paypal and google forms in order to boost our websites functionality and make the experience easier to follow for everyone.

Challenges we ran into - To start off with issues, we came here not having any idea of what we were doing. We had very little experience coding and in website development, we had mostly come with the determination to learn and have fun. We had issues uploading our personal pictures to the website because we did not know how to change it from a local source even after we changed the image sources into urls. We also had issues trying to find a host to host our website within the given time span and find a fairly cheap host. More problems that arose included bugs in our code, not knowing how to make certain aspects work. We wanted to use APIs such as firebase and Twilio, but did not know how to implement them in our code. We struggled for hours before deciding not to complete them in this iteration of our project, however, we plan to use them in further iterations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We are very proud that for three people who have very little experience in coding, we were able to start with a simple idea and turn it into a fully functional website that could one day be used to help those in need.

What we learned - First of all, we learned some amazing coding skills. We also learned that as a group, we can collaborate effectively and learn a completely new skill. By splitting up tasks we were able to complete fully functional aspects separately and unite them into one larger file. As one person resolved tech issues on the hosting website another would be able to create the framework and another make a personalized twitter account to fully operate.

What's next for Grief Relief - As we are completely new to coding some of our functions were unable to fully work properly. Although our signup and donation button were fully functional, we were not able to fully develop our newsletter and contact form. Our images were also only available via the local file even with our great attempts at fixing that issue. We would’ve also liked to have fully developed our Twilio concept and had it fully functioning to be able to send updates to people who may want to hear more about certain situations. Finally we would’ve also liked to incorporate a more personal connection, connecting an individual in an area in need to one who may want to talk about the occurances, much like a pen pal. We lastly would like to add a translation API in order to really reach our goal of connecting everyone to the world around them.


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