UofT Hacks Prototype (Bullet Journal)

GridSpace is a simplified version of notetaking that focuses on ease of use. A markdown text editor is included to speed up the writing process, and a list template is built in as well. There are only three buttons on the main screen, each with a vital importance to the process. The plus at the bottom right is responsible for the adding of individual modules, and the index can be accessed through the button in the top left.

The Index

Our inspiration for GridSpace started with the bullet journal, a system of journaling that focused on reflection and creativity and made use of an extensive index. Although we strayed away from our original idea, we kept the index as the primary UI feature. Without time to implement a search function, the index allows us to easily store journal entries/notes in chronological order, sorted by date and then by number. Finally, to add and remove a page are very simple. To add a page you simply click the plus on the index bar, and to remove a page just double click and respond "OK" to the prompt.

The List

Any productivity application would be remiss without a list module, and we have opted to go for simpler the better. All the user has to do is enter an item in the textbox and it will instantly appear on the list. To strike-through, simply click the item, and to delete, simply double click.

The Journal

Last, but certainly not least, we have the journal module. Constructed using ProseMirror, this text editor allows the user to quickly jot down some notes. Eventually the journal will be updated to provide Markdown support, making the process incredibly easy to type quickly and efficiently. With Markdown, emphasizing is easy, bolding is trivial and linklinking has never been simpler.

Actions on Google

Additionally, we used Actions on Google to let the user ask Google what tasks the user has that day. In the future, adding options to a list is not out of the question.

GridSpace is simple, yet efficient, allowing the average or advanced user to jot down notes, make a daily journal, or simply play around with Markdown.

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