What it does

It is an internal communication application for companies and firms with features such as administrative privileges to monitor, track and edit all of the data through the application.

How I built it

Built using Java and xml, on Android Studio on the Mac OS. A simple graphical user interface running with Parse and Sinch running to provide the backend services.

Challenges I ran into

Having to switch between a large variety of plans for a hack wasted a lot of time, leaving less time and added pressure for timely completion of the application.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being the entire group's first hackathon, the amount of success achieved in such a short amount of time and with a low level of experience was surely a commendable accomplishment for us.

What I learned

Better use and knowledge of Java, a very good exposure to setting up backend services.

What's next for GridLink

Better security, improved design principles, and a web and an iOS application.

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