Have you ever wanted to leave campus but don’t have a car? Wished you could go to that Boba place that’s all the way across town? Dreamed of getting into a car with complete strangers for prices just below the market rate? Well do we have the WebApp for you!

Introducing Gride, a completely new and innovative RideGrouping platform. With the power of SMS, the Web, and Google API’s, Gride connects users who want to visit nearby places, together! Inspired by a lack of vehicular transportation, our group banded together to overcome this overwhelming obstacle - in a financially and environmentally friendly way :D. Utilizing a database of addresses that’s quite literally fire, we group drivers with passengers who want to go to similar places with them! Not only does this save the wallets of passengers who just want to explore the world, but it also provides drivers with a convenient way to gain some extra funds.

Although Gride was an absolute blast to make, it wasn’t all a walk in the park. With API’s making false promises, and CSS refusing to listen to us, it was truly a testing experience. But with the power of friendship! - as well as a lot of Yerba Mate, we were able to power through and learn a lot from these past days. From expanding our knowledge in React, to accruing ever so much patience while programming, we gained a ton from this project and truly had the Gride of our lives.

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