Who we are - GridOption

Problem Statement

Imagine a world where utilities support and help solar developers and entrepCurrently utilities are struggling to plan for the adoption of DER, and the tools they use for their planning purposes are not effective. In order to guarantee a renewable energy future, we will need utilities to participate in and encourage, not thwart the growth of this phenomena. It is our hope that our solution will provide the transparency layer that is needed for proliferation of renewable energy to become a reality.

The Solution

Our data analytics platform will allow utilities to participate in this future by predicting solar dg penetration based off of technoeconomic analytics, and real-time updates from installers and der providers. The data can be downloaded from the cloud and will be fully compatible with most distribution planning software.

Our Value Prop

As seen here, our platform allows utilities to integrate, view, or download our data. For example, we use solar installation data from tendril, demographic home data from quandll, and neighborhood data from Zillow to illustrate the predicted growth of dg solar pv as a function of time.

As generally agreed upon by some of the largest influencers in the space such Solar Providers, Consulting Firms, and Regulators, by making our analytics platform open to companies that plan on participating in the DER market, we are creating value that didn’t exist before for both the utilities and DER market participants.

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